Suffolk Punch Exhaust/Muffler

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Suffolk Punch Exhaust/Muffler

Hiya's Everyone


I have been the happy owner of a Suffolk Punch 35s for a number of years. Only real issue I have had is that I had to replace the electronic ignition module recently.

I am considering repainting all the greenery, does anyone know what paint colour code the Suffolk Punch's were?

Also, I am hunting for a new exhaust, does anyone know where to obtain new ones other than Ebay?


Many Thanks


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I think that you are stuck

I think that you are stuck with ebay as even the pattern suppliers seem to have stopped listing them.

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as an alterntive to the

As an alternative to the sardine can type,you could try a Briggs and Stratton barrel shaped muffler,just be sure it dose not foul the carb, You can do this with an elbow joint and at the same time give it a little customized look.