Suffolk Super Punch 17"

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Suffolk Super Punch 17"

Hi All, 

I have started to repair  a Suffolk Super Punch 17". I am in the middle of Inspecting and stripping it. I think that I am going to repair it so it is use able again but I don't intend to restore it back to as new condition.  Good points are that it seems fairly complete (minus grass collection box) and that all adjusting screws and drive mechanisms have been coated in greese and oil so nothing appears seized apart from clutch on rear roller mechanism. Bad points engine was seized and crankcase full of water, no spark, carb full of gunk. I'm looking for guidance on a few things.

1.Roughly what age/series does the mower fit into.

2.When removing flywheel is there a keyway to keep timing correct.

3. I am ordering a some rebuild parts. Full gasket kit, rings, points, spark plug and some HT lead. Is there anything else I should get at the same time to avoid further shipping charges.

4. I have metric tools, has anyone found there is an imperial socket/tool or any other tool that is handy/essential to have.

I am thanking everyone in advance for reading this. I know some questions have been asked and answered before and I have spent a lot of time reading various threads.




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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum.

Super Punch 17” . The air cleaner with the drip tray suggests that it is a Professional with the multi blade cylinder for use on bowling greens etc. - or may be it’s just acquired the air filter from elsewhere. You have the reliable cast iron block SIF engine and the valve chest cover with the two fixing bolts dates it as the final incarnation of the cast iron lump - infinitely preferable to the later A98 alloy block lump.  The gasket set that you’ve ordered may, or may not, have the correct gasket.

The flywheel is keyed on a taper and it’s nut is Left Hand Thread. A home made puller will help with its removal. Don’t try holding the flywheel with a bar through its fins - a receipt for disaster !

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Hi Paul, I was about to throw

Hi Paul, I was about to throw the main frame including cylinder and blades for this very mower, if you are interested in it and can collect (I am in Kent) then you are most welcome.