stuck pistons

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stuck pistons

If anyone has a engine with a sezied piston here is a method that has worked for me a few times and takes away any risk of damage to the bore piston or rod. this method will only work if the piston is above bottom dead center (and on a four stroke if both valves are closed if you have one open then the barrel might have to come off first so the valve can be closed) next half a tin of wd40 down the plug hole n leave for a few weeks. While this does its work find a man good with a lathe and have a plug machined to screw in your plug hole in this fit a grease nipple then with a grease gun pump the cylinder full of grease under pressure this will budge the tightest of pistons. if your motor is a two stroke and say the piston is stuck half way past the exhaust or inlet port then you have to fashion something to cover the port. i read this tip many years ago in the uk stationary engine mag and its one that works for me

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Stuck pistons

Am told that Coca Cola works well!