Which is the best hand push mower?

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Which is the best hand push mower?


I have a Ajax mk4 and was wondering if there is a better hand push mower  for getting a good stripe? I have a 30m2 Well-maintained lawn! not quite big enough for a petrol mower.

Any ideas

Many Thanks


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Which is the best hand push mower?

Hello and welcome to the OLC Forum, the mower that you have suggested must be among the best for the average lawn and keeps you fit as well, another candidate has to be the Ransomes Certes.

I would think that this question should start a healthy debate among forum members so let's sit back and see what other members think.


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I would've said for a normal

I would've said for a normal (not fine turf) lawn the Ransomes Ajax would be ideal, as an alternative perhaps a Webb Witch or something, as long as the blades sharp, the bearings are good, and the mower is lightweight, the Ransomes and the Webb can easily fit those criterias.

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I happily use a fully

I happily use a fully restored AJAX MK5 every 2 to 5 days to keep my lawn in check. it's about 30ft x 9ft and I get a really nice finish from it.


I regularly fine back lap the cylinder to keep it in check.

I've a few hand mowers at the mo. my personal Ajax MK5, a JP Maxees about to be fully restored, a qualcast super panther restored and a qualcast B2 undergoing restoration... just got out of the workshop for the day.