Notes About Mower Makes

Our team of specialists will be pleased to help with general queries about your mower but we ask that anyone contacting us bears the following in mind:

  • We are a club for enthusiasts who collect, preserve, and display old mowers. We are not a technical helpline. We cannot help if your query is about a mechanical or electrical problem. 

  • Please look at our FAQ Page to find answers to many questions about the Old Lawnmower Club.

  • There is lots of information on our website about the history and development of the lawn mower. Use the search box (top left of page) to find all pages that mention specific machines.

  • For information and advice about restoring old mowers, please look at the Restoration Section of our website before contacting our specialist team members.

  • Please use our specialist help service to contact us with a query about a particular make of machine. If you send an email to the wrong person or ask for help about a different make of mower you may not receive a reply.

  • Allow plenty of time for a reply. All of our specialists are volunteering their spare time and may not be able to answer your query straight away.

  • We do not provide valuations. The specialist you contact may occasionally be able to offer an estimate of recent auction prices as a guide.

  • We cannot enter into detailed correspondence about mowers you wish to sell. We will be happy to include details of any suitable mower you may wish to sell in our quarterly newsletter. You can supply all the information we need using our online advertising form.