Annual Rally Auction 2015: Provisional List

Preliminary list of items in Old Lawnmower Club Auction, 17 May 2015

12” Presto hand mower
12” Suffolk Colt motor mower
Suffolk Viceroy hand mower
30” Dennis Z Type c/w box, original condition
1930s Ransomes motor mower, 1930s, c/w Blackburn engine
British Anzani Motr Hoe, runner, c/w JAP 2A engine
14” Atco “HY” Motor Mower, no box, good condition
13” Follows & Bate Speedwell badge (no mower)
Easimow, c/w grass box
Shanks Firefly, c/w Villiers Mk X engine
10” Webb Whippet Mk3, no box
12” Qualcast Superlite, c/w box
12” Ransomes Ajax MkIV, c/w box
12” Qualcast Suffolk Punch 30 Series V, c/w box
14” Qualcast Super Panther electric mower, c/w box
12” Greens Junior, c/w box
18” British Anzani ride-on, c/w box
14" Ransomes Midget Motor Mower
Castle Sidewheel Mower
16" RSJ Patent Gear, complete, no box
Follows & Bate Magic sidewheel

Further entries will be added as they are received. Read here for notes about the auction.

Last Updated: 10 May 2015