Membership Renewal Form 2020 (UK)

Existing members can use this form to renew their subscription for 2020-21.

If the details on the renewal notice email or letter you received are correct you can rejoin by simply filling in your name and membership number (these are on the email/letter or on your membership card). Please also include a current, valid email address.

To change any details or supply new information simply fill in the relevant boxes. If there are no changes there is no need to fill in the whole form although you must include your name, membership number and email address.

The information on the renewal notice is used to compile the Annual Directory of Members. If you provide new information using this form we will use it to prepare the next edition.

When you have completed the form please click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. A new page will open where you can use a secure payment service provided by PayPal or NOCHEX to pay your annual subscription.

The membership fee is £12.

Before completing the form, please read our Data Policy.

About You
This section of the form is for the information we need to renew your membership. If the details on the letter we sent you are correct you only need to complete the name, membership number and email address boxes. Your membership number is on the renewal letter.
One of our most popular and useful publications is the directory of members. We use the information you provide on this form to compile the directory but only include those members who give their permission. If you were included in the most recent directory we will include you again unless you indicate otherwise on this form.
Your Interests - Membership Directory Content
The remaining sections of the form are optional but the information you provide is extremely useful if you want to be included in the membership directory. If your current entry (included on the top of your renewal letter) is correct you do not need to tick any boxes. If you want to change anything please tick the appropriate boxes. You can tick as many boxes as you like. Any unticked boxes will be removed from your current directory entry. Please note, we can only include a limited number of manufacturers entered in the "other" box in the directory. We will assume the ones you list first are the most important and cut any entries that are too long accordingly. To start, please indicate the types of mowers that are in your collection or which interest you the most.
Ages of Mower
What are the ages of the mowers in your collection or that interest you the most?
Which manufacturers are represented in your collection? The list contains the most common and popular manufacturers but you can also add a short list of other companies if you wish.
(maximum 40 characters please)
Finally, if you can help other members with general advice, information or spare parts please tick the relevant boxes.