Atco 28” Groundsman

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  • Wanted

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Motor Mower

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Villiers mk25

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Colin Brown

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Hi Everyone 

I have this Atco Groundsman 28" and I am looking for a new or good secondhand cutting cylinder or reel as some say. Sadly the one in mine is past repair as the previous owner never noticed that the end welds had failed on three of the cutting blades and continual adjustments with centrifugal force pulling the end of the blades out have deformed them pulling them out and back so another cylinder is desperately needed so then I will finally have all the parts to start the restoration of this lovely old mower. 
As an addition I would also like to find a pull along seat roller as my mower has a towing attachment. 
Anyone's help and maybe some tips and tricks for my first restoration will be greatfully received .