MP026: MP Mower Pusher

The MP Mower Pusher was designed for use with medium sized hand mowers. It was often used with the Ransomes Patent Chain Automaton.

The MP Mower Pusher was designed to provide motorised power for a hand mower. It was made for MP by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies and was often used in conjunction with the company's Patent Chain Automaton.

According to advertisements of the period, the MP was designed for single mowers up to 20in cut under normal conditions and up to 24in cut on smooth, flat lawns. Although Ransomes promoted the MP for use with its Patent Chain Automaton, especially the 20in model, it also offered a Triple Unit similar to a modern gang mower that enabled a cutting width of up to 30in.

The MP comprised a Villiers two stroke engine mounted in a special chassis. This was attached to the frame of almost any hand mower using a special bracket to provide a motorised "push". Three versions were available. The smallest had a 1½hp engine although most of the few surviving examples have the larger 269cc (2½hp) engine that was also used on the Atco Standard "Oval Frame", Shanks Jehu and Ransomes Mk2 and Mk3 Motor Mowers of the same period. Two versions of the MP appear to have been made with these larger engines.

MP Mower Pusher as featured in the 1927 Ransomes catalogue.

A seat enabled the operator to ride on top of the MP, converting the mower into a ride-on machine. When used with the Ransomes Patent Chain Automaton, special brackets could be supplied to reposition to the mower's handles for more convenient operation.

Examples of MP Mower Pushers are extremely unusual and highly prized by collectors.