Annual Rally Auction 2014: Provisional List

Preliminary list of items in Old Lawnmower Club Auction, 18 May 2014

10" Webb Whippet c/w grass box
10" Webb Whippet
Greens Motor Mower, probably post-1945
30" Dennis bottom blade
12" JP Maxees c/w grass box
Shay "Rotogardener" Model 80, c/w 98cc JAP engine
Lawn spiker/aerator, manual model
12" Ransomes Ajax Mk 4 c/w box
12" Webb Wasp
17" Suffolk Super Punch
14" Atco kick start, 1930s model
Dennis Trailing Seat
14" Atco "HY" Motor Mower
17" JP Super
10" Greens Prince, for spares
12" Suffolk Super Colt
14" Ransomes Minor Mk6
12" Qualcast Super Panther
4-stroke JAP engine, Model 2S
Modified Ransomes Ajax Mk3 (see GB81)
Modified Ransomes Ajax Mk5 (see GB81)
Webb Trimmer
Waterfall White Line Marker
12" Webb Witch, 1950s, c/w box
12" Webb Wasp, 1950s, c/w box
12" Folbate, 1950s, no box
12" Webb mower, 1930s, no box
12" Ransomes Ajax Mk3, 1950s, no box
12"Qualcast Model E1, 1930s, no box, no handle
Grassbox for 14" JP Super
Ranomes Certes Mk1 Motor Mower
7" Millards Empire
Gordon Sidewheel Mower
Twin Wheel Atco Scythe (spares or repair)
Eagle Indelible Line Marker No3
17" Green Lightweight Motor Mower
16" Ranger Easimow, 1950s, c/w grass box and engine cover plate
17" Lakeside Peerless sidewheel, recently imported from USA
14" Ladybird electric lawn mower
Suffolk Iron Foundry "Eden"
10" Drummond Willing Worker
Shanks Hawk (no handle)
16" Greens Silens Messor, c/w (believed) original box
10" Webb Whippet
12" Ransomes  Side Wheel (marked Ball Bearing)
Allen Challenger
28" Atco Motor Mower, c/w box and roller seat
12" Ransomes Ace Mk1 cast name plate
14" Ransomes Midget motor mower, c/w grass box
Webb Trimmer
Two Webb child's mowers (one early, with wood handgrips and rubber drive belt)
14" JP Monarch, c/w grass box
12" Chain Automaton Minor, c/w grass box

Last Updated: 15 May 2014