Countdown To Annual Rally...

It's now just two weeks to our Annual Rally at Milton Keynes Museum on 19/20 May.

There'll be lots to see and do as usual. This year we have a special theme of mowers with a name connected to royalty, so expect to see Royal Blades, Ambassadors, Marquises and lots more besides.

The museum is open from 11am on each day.


It was

It was really good last year, I'm looking forward to it this year, my favorite rally.

Just don't snatch all the

Just don't snatch all the Atcos ;) As for Ransomes I hope my next auction purchase doesn't vanish before I get chance to collect it..

With the rally on my mind I am checking back into this site after an absence for some time. With work commitments, a recent house move and my other online activities I have sadly neglected the mower forum..but rest assured I am just as mower crazy as ever!

My new house has good access, space to build quite a large shed, a fairly large flat stretch of grass to test my mowers on and a driveway to park the trailer on :)

Stephen C G Smith

hehehe, I'm particularly

hehehe, I'm particularly interested in "Atco motor mower, 20", c1960, four stroke, no box", but that Greens Monitor might be handy as a quick restoration project, they're easy easy mowers the Monitors.

Dunno, we'll have to wait and see, I wish I was allowed to build another shed, but unfortunately I don't my mum downright refuses.

Mower transport from Aylesbury area to MK

Hi, having just finished the Dennis project, if I could get it to MK to show, I would!  Transport is a problem though, no trailer etc.  Anyone going past Aylesbury with space? PaulM