Site Tidy Up

One of the little jobs we've been meaning to finish off at "Mower Central" is the layout of the mower listings, engine settings, colours and suppliers (among others). We've now done this with the result that pages are tidier, easier to read and consistent across the site. Please look through these pages as there is lots of useful information.

More Content Added

Earlier this month we posted that we'd added more information about individual mowers. Now we've added new content about suppliers of spares and services. We'll be happy to add more if any readers have suggestions.

We've also started to add more operating manuals because we know that our members and visitors to the site find these very useful. This is just the start and we have quite a few more to add but it does take time. All of the manuals on this site have been scanned from the original documents and tidied up using graphics programs before we create the PDF and add load them up.


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