7: Reassembly

Figure 7: Reassembled clutch components.

Reassembling all the components in the same order as they were removed completes the task.  I gave the clutch spring a slight stretch before re-fitting it as I assumed that the passage of time and the elements would have weakened this somewhat.  I also washed through the ball race with petrol and re-greased it prior to reassembly in the end frame of the Atco Scythe.

Finally, you need to adjust the clutch release forks’ position and cable tension so that the clutch properly disengages (one doesn’t want the blade of an Atco Scythe to twitch when it should be stationary) and that the forks aren’t in contact with the release collar when the clutch is engaged.

The video shows the Atco Scythe up-and-running after restoration.