Atco light 14'

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Atco light 14'

Hi everybody,

I am glad to introduce myself.

I am French, I live in Normandy and I am an English mower enthusiast.

I will by a 1950 light Atco very soon, found on the web in France, which is very rare !

My first question is what are the operations should I complete for the very first steps ?

Should I directly change the plug, clean the carburator before the first kick start ?

Where can I find some document ?

In fact, every advice is welcome !

Best regards,


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I would just try to start it

I would just try to start it up and then see whats wrong with it, I have one of these machines, they are good addition to any collection. There isnt much to go wrong on these engines, its a two stroke, very easy to maintain.

Atco Lightweight 1945 Villiers Midget

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Suffolk Colt Dual Drive

Atco Suffolk 4-Stroke

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Hi Henry, Thanks a lot for

Hi Henry,

Thanks a lot for your optimistic advice !



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All depends on how it has

All depends on how it has been used and stored. 

Take the plug out and squirt in some engine oil or aerosol lubricant and gently see if the engine can be rotated. If it rotates freely you can check for a spark. If it has a spark try some fresh petrol in the tank and see what happens.