59 colt

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Lee Smallwood
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59 colt

Hello everyone, I'm just adding some photos of my Suffolk colt I completed last year, I bought it in w.s.m for £13. Since buying it I became obsessed with them and travelled some distance to collect, the furthest was nottinghams (told the Misses I was working, she didn't talk to me for days) so my original was done and my other three were getting moved around the garage on a regular basis until I had to sell to fund stepsons scooter.  (They Went to a father and son who were really excited about them so was happy to let them go).

Anyway. I know not the right red as still in primer (thought it would look a bit garish bright red). But happy with the results. Start it every week and runs beautifully every time. (My favourite mower)original wooden rollers on now.sso. There we go, the 1959 suffolk colt 12 " self propelled lawn mower fetish that almost cost me my relationship. Lol. I'd never sell it.