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Atco Paint Help

So finally got my DeLuxe running which turned out to be the condenser unit had failed. So I stripped one off a Suffolk Colt and hey presto she's running. So now I'm after painting it up and maybe even reconditioning the front rollers. Anyone know where I can get hold of the paint and which would be a better finish ,sprayed or hand painted. And has anyone had the front rollers off ,sanded them down and waxed them. Something along those lines. 

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East bit first! Rollers. If

East bit first! Rollers. If they are the originals they are Oak or a similar hardwood. If yours is to be a working machine there's no point in going for a high gloss finish, so something like linseed oil will help waterproof them. Alternatively, a good soak in a clear preservative such as Cuprinol will be fine. 

Paint. A tricky one and more down to personal preference. My own view is that if it is to be a working machine and it has 75/80% of its original paint, I would leave it as it is. Maybe protect its original finish with something like Owatrol.  If it's your desire to restore the machine to factory finish, stripping to bare metal, priming and spraying is the way to go. While some skilled people do achieve a quality finish with a brush the majority of brush painted machines look just that. Conversely, the original factory finish on much garden machinery was fairly utilitarian but is infinitely preferable to the over-restored two-pack finish that one sees on some machines at shows - they were never like that!