Qualcast 35s mower - no spark

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Qualcast 35s mower - no spark

hello there,

my dad has a Qualcast 35s petrol mower and has a problem - no spark!

he's had the mower from new for almost 20 years and enjoyed almost trouble free mowing - til now!

working back, he's changed the spark plug, and now is looking to change the ignition coil - however, we cannot pin the thing down.

we cannot find an engine serial number or specific type but so far we've determined that the engine is a tecumseh AQ148 E-45520E.

there are lots of coils out there on ebay amazon etc. with part numbers which we can't relate to our engine.

i've attached a few pictures which may help

any help would be greatly appreciated.


pete williams

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It is an AQ148. Before you

It is an AQ148. Before you condemn the coil unplug the green kill wire from the coil - if it’s the same as the one that I have, it’s just a push on “ Lucar” type connector and try again. Just be aware the with that wire disconnected it will have to be stopped with the choke or pulling the plug lead off.

EDIT    I believe that the ignition coil that you may need is part number 14160034 - but check !