Suffolk 75G14 engine no spark

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Suffolk 75G14 engine no spark

Hi all, please excuse my lack of knowledge but happy to learn and have of course before posting here searched hi and low for the answers im seeking but to no avail.

So here i am


I have a 75G 14 Suffolk engine which was running but then sat dry stored for a few years and now wont start as there is no spark.

I have removed the flywheel and looked at the points etc.. all seem really clean and nothing is jumping out at me.


So a few questions, 

What should the points gap be?

What should the spark plug gap be?

How can i test the points and coil and condenser?

I have a multi meter but limited knowledge of using it can do simple continuity and possibly resistance tests and happy to learn.

Thanks in advance 




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Points. The setting is

Points. The setting is usually embossed on the flywheel.

Early rocker points, 20 thou

Later points 17 thou

Plug gap 25 thou

Yes, you can check the resistance of the coil primary and secondary with a multimeter but “ normal”  readings don’t guarantee a spark at the plug.

Multimeters are of limited use in condenser testing and can, in fact, be destroyed  if not used correctly. Flywheel magnetos are best tested using apparatus specifically designed for the purpose; the problem is finding a place that still has the kit and knows how to use it. These days that place is more likely to be a vintage car or motorcycle repairer than a present day, so called garden machinery specialist more used to dealing with cheap throwaway  electronic ignition mowers.