Villiers coil

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Villiers coil

Good afternoon, 

Is there a way of testing a Villiers coil . I have it stripped down on the bench and want to test before putting it all back together . I’ve stripped it down as I have no spark. I’ve cleaned the points and had a new ht lead already but was going to treat it to a new spark plug then lastly a coil if required 

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Well if you can get hold of a

Well if you can get hold of a multi meter (avo) then test the coil resistance.  It should be ca 5K ohms or more, BUT it may have internal breakdown and so insulation check should be made using a megger - ask an electrician


But a bench test can be made using a 6-12 volt battery.  put the ht lead near a metal ground, say clamp your coil in a vice and make sure the gap is no more that say 25 thou - thickness of my thumbnail - making a larger gap will generate much higher voltages and these can damage a coil.  Then flick the supply wire across the battery just like points.  If you dont see a decent spark - get another coil . As WP hs said if the coil looks like its separating from its former, thats a bad sign

just to be clear I was referring to the conventional magneto coil not the electronic system which I have yet to examine


ps do this in a dark space cos sparks are feeble

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I would not know what

I would not know what residence reading you should get, so I would not guess, on top of which it may not be that simple even if its points and not electronic ignition.

Would hope you get experienced direction on here. 

This is a good resource also, they even service ignition and you could punt them the test question. _>